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Mickey Smith - Screenshot - Small

Mikey Smith Quintet

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Blue – Jelly Jelly

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Justin Donovan- 460x300 - Video featured

Justin Donovan

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Roots And Rhythm - Mama Kats Final Show

Roots And Rhythm – Pork And Beans

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Cities in Flames

Cities in Flames from the album “dyslexics” by Dred Scott. I was watching news the whole week about riots in Ferguson and believe that people committed a great breviary to get out on the streets of the city so their voices can be finally heard. I leave far from Missouri[...]

Justin Donovan Post Featured - 900x400

Justin Donovan

Justin Donovan plays his eight string guitar. Recorded live at KUVO. This recording is a part of Blue Roots Denver Project.    

Blue Cover


Example of a great collaboration featuring Nick Clark, Curtis Hawkins and Bob Pellegrino. The whole album was recorded at one breath, less then four hours. The mixing and mastering process for this recording was very minimum. No artificial reverbs or space modeling plugins were used.  Sound is very authentic and[...]

Mickey Smith - Screenshot - Small

Monday Jazz

The weekly Monday jazz jam at the Meadowlark is a main place in town to catch some of the city’s finest young players. While some jams might attract a lot of one particular instrument, here we had a chance to record and film and entire band. As we called it[...]

Mama kAts

Mama Kat’s send off concert

Justina Curlee, better known as “MamaKat” during her 18-year stint as a deejay on Denver radio station KUVO, signed off Friday night for the last night, The Denver Post reports. Curlee, 86, said she’s not sure what her plans are, but told the newspaper she may relocate to Chicago where[...]